Style up Your Old Home Roofing with Trendy High Quality Roof Refurbishment

The roof provides protection from adverse weather and has profound architectural value. Having an eye catching roof increases the value of the house and makes one feel great. Most roofs are made using tiles (made from concrete, metal tile or clay), iron sheets, wood, asbestos among other materials.  With time most roofing materials degrade due to effects by environment and other pollutant.  One of the cost effective roof repair penrith - companies’ offer is restoration of the roofing structure. The renovation process entails: cleaning, roof repair and refurbishment as well as re-coating.

Roof restoration

Roof restoration process upgrades the quality of existing roofing it terms of color and functionality. The process of restoring roofs encompasses four main activities: repairing the roof, replacing cracks and broken tiles, cleaning the roof and application of a coating system.

1. Cleaning the tiles

Cleaning roof tiles removes accumulated debris as well as growing lichens, algae, moss and fungi on the roofing structure. This is done by blasting the roof with pressurized water to scrap any adhering materials. The process also exposes cracked surfaces and leakages which are subsequently repaired.

2. Repair and replacement works

All types of roof require regular maintenance to avoid leakage. These are temporary or major repairs.  They include: sealing holes and sagging sections of the roof, inspecting the causes of leaks and fixing them, checking faulty construction, checking defective flashing systems between the chimney and roof and loose mortar joints, unclogging downspouts which have accumulated dust and growing moulds as well as checking and repairing cracks and other deteriorating parts. For tiled roofing, any broken or cracked tile or capping are removed and replaced with new ones. There are many repair activities that roof repair penrith – companies have to offer during the restoration process but this depends on the experience of the firm.

3.  Re-coloring and re-coating

This process is carried out for two main reasons: first, a sealing coat is introduced on the roofing tiles which act as a sealant against further degradation. Secondly, the painting process increases the appearance of the building.

Hiring a competent roofing expert is imperative to ensure that the recoating process is effective and this adds 10 to 20 years to the roof.  New Tech roofing is the best roof repair penrith – market has on offer. The company has over 20 years of experience in restoring roofs in Sydney uses a three step recoating procedure. First, the roof is coated with a sealant which also acts as an adhesive to bond the paint and the tiles. Next, a special coating of Dulux Acratex is added as the first paint coat. Lastly, a final coat is added. This process results to a sharp, attractive coloration that totally transforms an old roof to look like a completely new one.  Finally inspections are done to ensure that all issues have been fixed.

When to restore the roof

The restoration process should be done once the roof starts aging. If the roof is completely degraded such that restoration is too expensive or will not have significant effect, a completely new roof is required.