A Guide to Vertical Hydroponic Herb Gardening for Urban Apartments

When you own an urban apartment, there are still ways to bring in some greenery inside your place. One of them is creating a hydroponic herb garden using stackable planters. However, this task is not as easy as it may sound, especially when you don’t know where to begin and there’s only a limited space available for it. On that note, it would be very helpful if you have some important information on this type of project.

herb garden

Preparing for a Vertical Hydroponic Garden System

First, you should obtain some soil (just enough for your garden) and the necessary tools and materials that are needed for the job. In particular, you should have a kit that is designed for such herb garden. Based on your needs, you can get one that you can use when you build a new garden or one that converts an existing garden into a hydroponic system. Generally, these gardening kits include:

  • Vertical Stacking Pots. More often than not, these terracotta or stone pots are specifically designed to be stacked up to 12 levels. They are ideal for planting herbs and flowers, and sometimes, can come as self-watering.
  • Bottom Drip Holders. A vertical hydroponic garden would not be complete without these components. In essence, they are needed to prevent making a mess and staining your floor when you water your plants.

Of course, you should also make a budget for this project. Lucky for you, an indoor vertical garden doesn’t have to be expensive.

Tips for Maintaining Your Vertical Hydroponic Garden

When you have set up your own vertical herb garden in your apartment, the next thing that you have to do is maintain it. Here are a couple of vertical gardening ideas that you can keep in mind:

  • Consistently prune the stems from the base as high as the leaves to make sure that your plants look bushy and grow better. However, you don’t need to do this all the time, as stacking pots are designed to slow down plant growth.
  • Use organic potting mixtures to keep your plants nourished.

Benefits of a Vertical Hydroponic Garden

The most obvious benefit that you can get from a hydroponic garden is that you can conveniently grow your own plants. If you like vegetables, for example, then you can just obtain them from your own place. Another perk is that you can improve the air quality inside your apartment. Basically, it provides cleaner and oxygen-rich air to keep everyone inside healthier.

Moreover, like hydroponic farms, this type of garden is just easy to manage. It only requires minimal tending, which is perfect if you are busy or do a lot of travelling.

Vertical Hydroponic Gardening in Australia Today

Today, an increasing number of Aussies are demanding fresh vegetables. However, vegetable markets are having difficulties satisfying such a demand, with the deficiency of provincial farming caused by lands that are too sterile for growing.

But thanks to Mr Stacky innovations in hydroponic gardening and vertical farming, you can now grow their own plants and vegetables even inside your home. As a result, you can satisfy your own needs whenever you want to.