Feature Survey – Planning for a Better Building

The surveying and mapping industry in Australia is estimated to clock a turnover of $4billion, but its fortunes are directly linked to the health of the construction business which is going through a brief lull. The key professionals employed in this service sector need to have the requisite qualification and also the certificate as Surveyors. Ibisworld.com.au has these figures on its website and there are reports which provide details on how you can enter this business as well. Anyone with the qualification and the temperament to provide service to people may not know a lot about these services. A feature survey Melbourne professionals conduct would typically use the technique to make a study of the terrain and submit a report.

A Land Survey Report is Mandatory

If you picked a block of land and intend to construct a building over it, you will need the permission from the local council for it. The local council will insist on producing a Melbourne feature survey report of the property before the permission is granted to begin construction. The basic purpose behind this exercise is to know the contours of the property and details of the fencing, if any already existing and so on. The report after a feature survey in Melbourne must have the complete details of all these and more.

Existing Structure Also to be Included

If the property has a building standing, then the details of that also have to be included in the survey. More importantly, if there are any utility structures like cables or drains or other piping lying beneath the surface, they need to be highlighted in the report after the feature survey Melbourne professionals conduct. Any design for construction of a structure on the land will have to factor in these existing structures, and if the plan includes removing them and laying fresh ones also, the fact that they existed earlier has to be recorded. In case any of these provisions are public utilities, there is no way the property owner can meddle with them. Check out at Kennedy Surveys

Some Additional Services Include…

When you manage to find feature survey Melbourne professionals and begin the discussions with them to conduct the survey, you will learn that the survey itself is called feature and level survey. There are also services which include a setout plan. Another factor that comes into consideration is the status as far as the buildings and structures adjacent to the property being surveyed are concerned. Many people may recollect the incident of a person suing a neighbour for building a tall structure which obstructed sunlight falling directly on his property and the person claimed that it was his right to get sunlight. Such controversies can be averted if the feature survey Melbourne report includes these details and the architect designing a fresh structure can take care of even these minor aspects.

There is really no rigid limit to the inclusions in the survey reports being prepared and submitted. The more exhaustive the report, the better it becomes for the council to approve the fresh constructions. An experienced survey team will be able to do the survey better and submit a more detailed report. Further details can be had from http://www.kennedysurveys.com.au/feature-survey-melbourne-north-west.html