Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Installing Slate Roofs

If you ever need to replace your old roof, you should consider slate roofs. It is the fastest growing option among homeowners but there are certain challenges associated with installing them. It is, therefore, important to hire experts on slate roofing Sydney has to offer to do the installation to ensure that they are done right. There are several ways in which it can go wrong; make sure you know about them so you can avoid these mistakes. See more detail:


Hiring Inexperienced Roof Contractors


When replacing your roof, choose only experts on slate roofing Sydney has today. A contractor that lacks experience and knowledge can compromise the quality of your house’s roofing system. From the type of material and installation, the process can be quite complex. A contractor with both experience and expertise should be on top of your list.


Not Taking Different Slate Tiles to Account


When you buy a car, you do not buy it immediately. You look around and check out different models until you can find what suits your taste. It is also important to check the history for each to determine if it can last for years! You need to do the same when choosing a slate roof. The good thing about slate roof is that it can last for several decades when installed properly. You can also consult an expert roofer to help you determine what type of slate to use.


Lack of Detailed Specification


Before you finalized detail of the roofing contract, you need to provide a detailed list of instructions on how you want the project to be. If possible, you can show the contractors some photos of the finished look. It is also important to ask the contractor how the installation will be done. Slate tiles should never be walked on or else they will crack, or worse break. The ideal method of attaching them is to use off roof ladders or by attaching roof scaffolds. You have to know what system the roofer will employ when installing the tiles. This is one way to determine if a roofer you are working with is inexperienced when it comes to slate roofs.


Poor Job on the Flashing


To keep water off of your roof, you have to consider the slate tiles used and the flashing. The flashing metal should be of the adequate gauge and type. In addition, the flashing must be installed correctly, just as you should with the slate tile itself. This one requires a lot of training and experience to get done right. However, it is also very important in ensuring that your roof is leak-proof.


Failing to Check on Warranty


All jobs performed by contractors on slate roofing Sydney has to offer must be covered by warranty. You need to know this before you sign the contract for the project. The warranty will give you peace of mind that the roofer has performed a good job or else they will be the one to handle repairs or any back job (if any) as long as it is within the warranty period. It will serve as your protection and also showcases confidence on the contractors’ end about the quality of the service they provide.