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Ornate Sterling Silver Jewelry from Thailand

Did you know that you can find some of the finest 925 Sterling silver from Thailand? The region of South East Asia that encompasses Thailand and Bali in Indonesia has some of the finest silver craftsmen in the world who produce really good quality and unique jewelry. With a professional silver jewelry company in Bangkok that lives true to its word, you can access some of Thailand’s finest gems without breaking the bank.

The allure of the Thai silver jewelry is the uniqueness and the individuality that is expressed in them. Majority of these are homemade by expert silversmiths who really pour their heart and passions into the developing these objects of beauty. If you are shopping for Thai sterling silver, you will be torn apart on what to opt for thanks to the immense options and beauty that you will find all around you in the thousands of designs and styles.

Many of these silversmiths have the crafts passed down to them from their ancestors and are experts in crafting top end silver jewelry in every sense of the word. If you will be buying the jewelry, you will have the comfort of owning something that has been delicately handcrafted using traditional methods that are as old as the Thai civilization itself. There is a special joy that one derives from owning something that is that special.

The fine silversmithry exhibited in the jewelry means that every pendant or bracelet that you purchase from the genuine silver jewelry company in Bangkok literally tells its own unique story. That of the creative ideas of an expert craftsman carrying forward generations of family tradition. Then of course is the beauty of the pendants which tells its very own story of elegance and luxury.

The Passion and Individuality of the Handcrafted Jewelry

Customers always love the Thai beads because of this “talkative” effect. It is jewelry with some soul and passion as opposed to the soulless industrially casted jewelry.  There are various traditional components and special gems that are added to the silver jewelry to add an extraordinary effect to the sterling silver jewelry.

Wide Range of Products

One of the advantages of buying unique handcrafted products is that the range of products that you can purchase is basically unlimited. No two silver pendants that you purchase from a truly authentic silver jewelry company in Bangkok will be exactly the same.  In Thailand, you can choose from a very broad range of very good quality silver jewelry. These include the following







Leather wraps

From these main 925 sterling silver product categories, you can choose from varied styles, shapes and designs that will certainly appeal to your tastes. Even those who have the most exacting of tastes are likely to find something alluring from the great collections provided by a reliable silver jewelry company in Bangkok.

The other quality of the gleaming 925 sterling silver that is handcrafted by expert Thai craftsmen is that these jewels are quite ornate. They have plenty of embellishments that really accentuate their beauty and unique quality.

Choose from a great variety of the premium quality gemstones that literally add flair and elegance to the silver jewelry. But Thai silversmiths generally incorporate many other materials in the design of the silver rings that will make choosing really difficult. Everything just seems incredibly beautiful and well crafted. You can sample some of the designs here

Things You Wish You Knew Before Your Engagement Shoot

Your engagement photo is becoming valuable in today’s modern weddings. You can use those photos for your engagement announcement, wedding invites, or printouts to be used as wedding giveaways. If you and your partner have both decided to take engagement photos for whatever use you intend it for, it is important to know the basics to take the best photos possible.

engagement photos

Surprisingly, it is actually a lot more complicated than it looks. Here are some tips that experienced wedding photography Nashville TN teams would like engaged couples to know before heading out for a shoot:

Choose Location Wisely

When creating a theme for your engagement photos, the location will play a crucial role. It is, therefore, important to scout your location wisely and give yourself enough time to do an ocular inspection. If possible, bring your photographer with you when scouting location so they can study the best place to take shots in and evaluate the natural light setting. Knowing the location will also inform you about the limitations posed at the shoot. Understanding these limitations beforehand will better inform your photographer about how to overcome these photography obstacles.

Another advantage to scouting the location before the actual shoot is that you can pick out the good places to do your shoot in. It will also make the shoot go much quicker.

Make it Natural

Even though you might rehearse the poses, angles and theme of the shoot, try to make it as natural as possible. This aspect of your engagement shoot could vary based on your preference; however, natural smiles and poses combined with snappy shooting techniques will produce the best results.

Outdoor is Better

For the best shots, you should shoot in an outdoor setting so you can exploit the natural light from the sun. The rays from the sun produce magnificent lighting effect on the photos that they don’t require any editing at all (or minimal editing, if need be). Therefore, embrace the sun and have fun shooting with it.

Convey the Love

You should avoid cheesy shots but try to use the photos to convey the feelings toward each other. You can be subtle about it or not, it depends on the couple’s personality. You as the couple should discuss it with your photographer to determine what you are comfortable with.  In some cases, you can create your own version of the cliché engagement poses or shots with the help of experienced wedding photographer Nashville TN has to offer, but with your own unique twist. More details at Nicola Harger Photography.

Have Fun

This is the most important rule that couples need to know when shooting their engagement photos. As with the first tip, keep it natural. You need to focus on enjoying the moment. Learn to be in-the-moment. Savor the fun and the experience. Do not try to focus too much on the technical aspects of your photo shoot and you will find that the photos will come out more naturally.

If you are looking for engagement photos Nashville TN photography team offers, remember these tips. Make sure to convey your list of do’s and don’ts with your photographer so you can get the results you want. Visit them online at

How to Find the Best Online Pokies for Australians

There are obviously no online pokies operating out of Australia that allow Australians to play. This is for legal reasons. Australian online casinos that violate the law face very hefty penalties. So if you are planning to play online pokies, you will have to do so at a foreign-based online slots machine.  There are some good  resources  on the best online casinos where you can enjoy pokies such as - Online Pokies Australia that have a list at some of the suitable and most recommended online pokies for Australians.  However, how can you go about finding the right online slots machines where you can play the slots machines?

If you are looking for real money online casinos that are legit and which will offer plenty of benefits, here are some tips on how you can find the option that is right for  you.

The look as well as the feel of the website

First impressions always matter a lot. If you are looking for a suitable online pokies website from the list of those listed at – Online Pokies Australia recommended sites, you need to open the website and see the look and feel of it so that you can make a decision on whether it is one that you will enjoy playing in.  The website design for the online casino must be done professionally and it must be highly appealing.  If it is professionally organized with beautiful graphics, you will a level of trust and confidence in the online slots machine and can thus play with a complete peace of mind.

What variety of games do they have?

One of the main advantages of the online slots machines such as those listed in – Online Pokies Australia is that you always have a large variety of games that you can choose from compared to the land-based casinos. However, not all casino websites are the same and some may not offer you that advantage. If you are an experienced pokies player, you can go for the legendary games. At least every slots machine should have these games.  These include the games such as blackjack, keno, video poker and numerous other games.

Is there a welcome bonus?

This is always a common feature in many online casinos but some do not have them. But you need to check them out as they will boost your financial pool if you are planning to play pokies. Before registering, check if the online casino will give you a welcome bonus when signing up as well as the terms and conditions that will apply on the bonus. They always carry TOS.

Does it accept your country-Australia?

Almost all casinos accept Australian pokie players  except, of course, those online pokies that are registered in Australia or operating out of Australia. There are certain online pokies that are generally country-specific. For example, you can have one that caters for US residents only.

Multi-lingual support

There are certain online pokies that are operating out of countries that are not English speaking. If the Casino is not in English, like most Casinos are, check if they offer English language support.

For a comprehensive list of some of the most recommended online pokies for Australians, check out and play with the comfort and peace of mind that you have picked the best.